Minimum trajectory length and MSD in trajClassifier

Dear @twagner,

I was following your paper and the conversation on this forum regarding TrajClassifier.

I still have the issue that I do not get the MSD Data result table as you mentioned in your conversation with @T-Zobel.
The next doubt I have, when sliding the bars for choosing the minimum track length and the window size, I do not see any changes in the trajectory at that moment. I get a table at the result table at the end. Now because I cannot see the change in tracks when using the sliding bars, and the result table for different input parameters are different, I do not know which input parameter is correct. Can you please help me out?
I am doing single-particle tracking and I acquire images using TIRF microscopy in the TIRF mode so that I look at the molecules close to the plasma membrane undergoing exocytosis. The hypothesis includes that these molecules are undergoing anomalous diffusion and then are confined for exocytosis.
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