Minimized windows problem

When I open FIJI, the windows within the software do not stay open through and keep getting minimized whenever I click on a point outside them.

For instance, when I load an image for processing, it opens in a minimized window. I have to right-click and select ‘maximize’ before I can see the image. Once the image is open, if I click on any space outside the image window, it automatically minimizes and I have to right click and ‘maximize’ again.

Is there anyway to fix this? I tried deleted and re-downloading and installing the software and also installing the latest version of JAVA but neither of those helped.

I am using Windows 8.1.

Hi @10k,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this problem on Windows 7, but other users seem to have had similar problems on Windows 8, independent of the software used:

Did you try whether the solutions posted there help in your case?

If you continue having this issue, could you please state some more details about your Fiji installation (Java version reported on the status bar, activated update sites, etc.)?

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Did you try Edit :arrow_forward: Options :arrow_forward: Reset…?

I have the same problem but I am using Windows10. I tried to re-install imageJ and Java but it still minimizing all the images I open with imageJ. Please, can someone help me?