MiNA - Mitochondrial Network Analysis error plugins

Dear all,
I try to use the plugin MiNA

MiNA - Mitochondrial Network Analysis

But I can’t find a way to use it.

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This looks like a Jython issue to me.

In Jython, every .py module that’s imported has to be compiled into a $py.class file. That’s usually done automatically in the background, and the compiled class file is kept/cached for re-use.

@Alex.h can you try deleting the file in question: Fiji.app/jars/Lib/eztables/__init__$py.class (and maybe other $py.class files in that folder as well), and then rerunning the plugin?

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I tried on 2 pc your solution but I still have the same errors.

Have you tried the Github issues page in your link? That might get the attention of the developers. Last post was 17 days ago so they seem to be still active.

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I didn’t try. Thank you for this advice

I also have the same problem, tried deleting the files, uninstalling fiji, updating it, but still nothing. Not long ago the plugin worked, but now it won’t.
@Alex.h, did you manage to solve the problem?

Dear @maiich ,

MiNA has now been updated and a new version has been released with the latest commit of the “Master” branch of this repository. Please check it out and follow the Installation instructions of the README.


You should have FIJI installed.
1. Download the contents of this repository as a zipped folder
2. Go to your FIJI installation and go to the “Fiji.app” folder. If you’re using mac, right click on the FIJI icon and select “Show Package Contents”.
3. Move the folder with the name “mina” located in “src” of this repository to jars>Lib (create the folder Lib if it does not already exist).
4. Move the file “MiNA_Analyze_Morphology.py” located at “src>scripts” to “scripts”.
5. Move the folder “mina_icons” inside “images”.
6. In the “build” folder of this repository you will see a jar file. Move it inside “plugins”.
7. Finally, start ImageJ and if you don’t have the Biomedroup site installed then click on Help->Update…
Navigate to the update site manager (Manage update sites). Add the “Biomedgroup” site by checking the checkbox beside the site.
Close the site manager dialog (Close) and apply the changes (Apply changes)

Download MiNA here

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