Migration of OME phpBB forums and mailing lists

I’ve just posted an announcement to the OME forums that after the recent migration of the Bio-Formats forum, the other forums will soon also be migrating here. I’m starting this topic to capture any issues that new users have during the migration (or maybe just to accumulate all the likes!)



Hi Josh! Quick Q: what’s happening with open threads on the OME forums? Are they still going to be answered there?


Hi @erickratamero. That’s certainly the plan for the currently open threads. So far, the old forums have only had new registrations and new threads turned off, so continuing ongoing conversations is fine. The hope then is to finish them up over the next week or possibly two.

If you think there’s a thread that we’ve missed, don’t hesitate to let us know over there.

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Hi Josh,
What will happen with the huge archive of useful discussions, answers to various questions, and all the other info on the old forum site? I frequently refer back to answers given to me (by you :slight_smile:) or look for questions similar to mine.
Since recently there is no link to the old forum on: http://www.openmicroscopy.org/support/ any more.

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Good morning, @dsudar!

We’re currently discussing with Discourse the company how best to migrate the archives. For everyone’s benefit, here is part of the message I sent the image.sc admin team regarding our timeline:

a recent Dundee security audit is pushing our hand on migrating some of our legacy systems. As such, we’d like to move more of https://www.openmicroscopy.org/support/ to image.sc. So of the three steps:

1. Have all new content produced on image.sc
2. Import all historical OME content to image.sc
3. Redirect all historical OME content to image.sc

we’d like to focus on 1 and then set those legacy resources to read-only. (Unless someone thinks getting mailman v2.1.18-1 and phpBB v3.0.8 content into image.sc will be easy enough, or that doing it later will be problematic.)

In other words, apologies for the rush in getting everyone onto image.sc: we’d have much preferred to migrate everything at once.

Interesting! I recently had the reverse request: for new users, please don’t confuse them with options that can no longer be used. We’ll look into adding a (temporary) link to the archives for our … old is definitely the wrong word … valued users. :wink:

All the best,

Thanks @joshmoore. Good that the old forum will remain “up” in read-only mode. Even new users may want to refer back to “old” discussions that may answer their questions.

FWIW, what I’ve done with previous now-defunct resources such as the Fiji BugZilla is to retain the content as static HTML (example: https://fiji.sc/bug/1002.html). This has the advantage of eliminating any security issues surrounding e.g. server-side PHP code execution, while still retaining all the valuable content the community built over the past many years.


The end is nigh!

…we are currently planning to place the OME mailing lists and the phpbb forums into read-only mode next week. …

Have a happy weekend all.

@ctrueden What did you use for converting your dynamic content to static HTML. Custom scripts, or did you find some useful tools?

@manics Custom shell commands. First, I curled down everything page by page with a for loop, saving the results to HTML files locally, and committed to git. Then lots of manual inspection of the source, identification of no-longer-necessary parts, followed by sed and so forth to delete or rewrite those portions as appropriate, with git commits to save snapshots as I progress. What I did was specific for BugZilla, and not generally useful beyond that. I’ll need to do the same for trac.imagej.net soon. It’s a bit of a slog, but worth the end result, which is no more server-side code needing to be maintained.

If you know a better way, I’d be interested to hear!

Edit: A quick web search suggests that HTTrack might be a good tool to use as a starting point.

Thanks! We’ve found some app specific tools including one for phpbb but haven’t tried them. It’s useful to know you didn’t find anything obvious.

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@manics In case it’s useful, the git history for my BugZilla-to-static-HTML work can be found here:

The work is broken into many commits, which document the sed and perl commands I used to search-and-replace things.


For anyone interested we converted the PHPBB forum using wget and some nginx rewriting, details in https://github.com/ome/prod-playbooks/pull/188