Migrate old plugin to Maven - missing library (org.apache.poi.xssf )

in the process to migrate my old plugin MultiCAFE to Maven, I followed the nice tutorial proposed by Stephane:

But I am stuck because Eclipse tells me now that the import “import org.apache.poi.xssf” cannot be resolved, although I have imported the dependency “apache-poi” from Pasteur Nexus repository (Nexus Repository Manager). I infered that this maven corresponds to the plugin “Apache POI - Icy – Open Source Image Processing Software” to which my old plugin was referring to.

I need this library because I am using the following classes / objects:
XSSFCellStyle xssfCellStyle_red = null;
XSSFCellStyle xssfCellStyle_blue = null;
XSSFFont font_red = null;
XSSFFont font_blue = null;
XSSFWorkbook workbook = null;

Did I do something wrong?

Thank you for any help,

Dear Frederic,

Here’s the dependencies section of the POM file for the Workbooks plugin:


So i guess you also require the poi-ooxml one to get the whole dependencies :slight_smile:

Hope that helps !

– Stephane


Wonderful! it works. Thanks!