Microscopy Image Browser updated to 2.65

Microscopy Image Browser was today updated to version 2.65.
As with the previous release the compiled version of MIB was made for R2019b

List of changes (http://mib.helsinki.fi/downloads.html):

  • Added Drag and drop files into the Image View panel
  • Added dialog with 30 new image filters ( Menu->Image->Image filters... )
  • Added dataset alignment using AMST: Align to Median Smoothed Template ( Menu->Dataset->Alignment )
  • Added wound healing assay ( Menu->Tools->Wound healing assay )
  • Added transformation of Z to C ( Menu->Dataset->Transform... )
  • Added additional options to the batch processing: file loop/combine files -> current MIB directory; selection/removal of multiple directories in the Directrory loops
  • Added backup of the full mibImage class
  • Added full backup for dataset transform, resize, crop operations
  • Added squeezing of material indices for models with more than 255 materials ( Segmentation panel->Squeeze button )
  • Added a new key shortcut (ā€˜nā€™) to increase index of the active material by 1 for the models with more than 255 materials
  • Added saving snapshots in PNG format
  • Added measurements to restore shuffled datasets
  • Updated resampling for batch processing mode
  • Swapped Log and Info buttons in the Path panel
  • Tweaked names of plugins to include spaces between capital letters
  • Optimized handling of Java classes
  • Updated Bio-Formats to 6.4.0 (requires Matlab R2017b or newer)
  • Plugins: Surface Area 3D - a plugin for analysis of 3D surfaces and contacts ( Menu->Plugins->Organelle analysis->Surface area3D )
  • Plugins: Spacial Control Points to generate a set of random points over the masked area ( Menu->Plugins->Plasmodesmata->Spatial control points )
  • Plugins: Cell Wall Thickness to calculate thickness of cell walls ( Menu->Plugins->Plasmodesmata->Cell wall thickness )

MIB can be updated from MIB->Menu->Help->Check for update or downloaded directly from the MIB website .
Available as Matlab code, or as compiled binaries for Windows and MacOS.

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