Microscopy Image Browser updated to 2.51

Dear all,
I am glad to announce that a new version (2.51) of Microscopy Image Browser (MIB) was released today.

Update features:

  • Added methods for automatic global black-and-white thresholding ( Menu->Tools->Semi-automatic segmentation->Global thresholding )
  • Added selection of materials for rendering of Matlab Isosurface models ( Menu->Models->Render model->Matlab isosurface )
  • Added calculation of images with extended depth-of-field focus stacking ( Menu->Image->Tools for images->Intensity projection->Focus stacking )
  • Added export of the supervoxels from Graphcut to a model
  • Added saving of HDF5 format in the virtual mode without loading of complete stack
  • Added saving of AmiraMesh files as a sequence 2D sections ( Menu->File->Save image as->Amira Mesh binary file sequence )
  • Added an option to display an orthoslice during visualization of 3D lines
  • Added tip of the day window ( Menu->Help->Tip of the day )
  • Added H-maxima and H-minima transforms to Mask generators ( Mask generators panel->Morphological filters )
  • Added Single Mask object per dataset option when cropping objects from the Get Statistics dialog
  • Improved performance when several materials are removed from the model
  • Improved the Image arithmetics dialog ( Menu->Image->Tools for images->Image arithmetic... )
  • Updated BioFormats reader to use Memoizer class, this should hopefully fix Java memory leaks, temporary directory can be specified in Menu->File->Preferences->External dirs
  • Updated sorting of the Get Statistics dialog
  • Fixed initialization of 3D hardware rendering of models
  • Fixed pixel size when combining 2D images with different dimensions
  • Fixed adding icons to buttons when MIB is installed in network path that starts from “//”

MIB can be updated from Menu->Help->Check for update or downloaded directly from the MIB website. There is release for Matlab as well as compiled versions for Windows and MacOS.