Microscope stage does not move by using the software

We are experiencing problems in multi-position acquisition.

  1. During multi-position, time lapse imaging the stage slows down considerably and is unable to complete acquisition at all the saved positions at each time point. On occasions the stage does not move for several minutes (now stuck for days).

  2. After the stage stops moving it can still be controlled by the joystick but not with Micromanager.

We are running Micromanager version 1.4.22 on a Windows 10 Pro computer running with a INTEL® XENIN® processor and 64 GB of RAM. We use Micromanager to control the motorised stage of a Nikon TE fitted with an ASI piezo z-stage.

We wondered whether this might be a problem with RAM but Micromanager and tried to incorporate a command to delete images from RAM after they are saved to disk (the ‘collect garbage’ command in Fiji) but this didn’t work, though we are unsure whether the command itself worked.