Microscope Model/Widget for Image2

Is there a class or structure anywhere to keep track of common scope parameters (wavelength, NA, mag, pixel size, RI, z step, etc.)??

And if so is there an IJ2 style widget to input these parameters??

If not where would the best place to add such a model and widget be??

(edit, sorry if I am a bit vague… I was looking for a structure to hold parameters and a widget kind of like the pop-up for ColorRGB and Files. Maybe there’d be text describing scope parameters, and a button, if you press the button you get another dialog that allows you to modify the paramaters… just so you don’t have to add each parameter individually – like I said I may try to implement it myself if it doesn’t exist).


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Well, there is OME-XML:

You can read and write to this data model using:

LOCI once created an OME Metadata Editor component, but it got quite complex, and we didn’t have very strong use cases for it. And the Dundee OME team developed OMERO.editor. So we discontinued it.

LOCI’s WiscScan software (closed source, unfortunately) also has several dialogs along the lines of what you are talking about. And Micro-Manager probably has dialogs similar to what you describe, as well.

I think the needs will vary a lot by exactly what hardware is involved. I expect generalizing this completely would be untenable. But I’d love to be proven wrong! In any case, I think you’ll need to roll your own. And if you find it to be generally useful/applicable beyond your own needs, I would be happy to discuss the best place for it to live upstream.

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