MicroManager with Newport XPS Controller & Stages

Hello, I have a Newport XPS 8 Axis controller, and I want to control 3 different stages for my X, Y and Z axes. I know that MM can only work with the SMC controller which is a single axis controller, but am not sure if MM can be used with the XPS controller.

May I know if anyone has similar experience with this controller?

Thank you so much.

Unfortunately there is no current support for the XPS in Micro-Manager.

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Hi Mark, What is the procedure to generate support for the XPS or ESP302 in Micro-Manager? Thanks. -beda

Hi @beda.espinoza, welcome to this forum!

To support the Newport XPS controller, someone has to write a Micro-Manager device adapter (see: Building Micro-Manager Device Adapters - Micro-Manager). This is C++ code that “translates” the commands to be send to the controller to an abstract model of devices that resides in the Micro-Manager core. Many people have contributed such device adapters to the Micro-Manager source code.