MicroManager PIXCI(R) Crash: Operating system not supported

I am using a Raptor Photonics Owl 640 camera with the PIXCI EB1 frame grabber, on Windows 10.

With MicroManager version 2.0 beta I can create a configuration file and interface with the camera just fine.

However, with the gamma version(s) I run into this PIXCI error:


(If image doesn’t show:

PIXCI(R) 64 Bit Library 3.08.00 [15.08.31]
PIXCI(R) Configuration Error or Fault
Operating system not supported
Check configuration!
See ‘Installation’ and ‘In Case of Trouble’ in the PIXCI(R) User’s Manual.)

The user manual just says:
“The PIXCI® driver and/or library predates the current operating system. Contact EPIX, Inc. for newer drivers and software.”

I have updated to the latest driver. I also tried a first time install of the latest version of XCAP (EPIX’s imaging software, which also installs the driver) on another PC.

The fact that MM beta does work suggests it is not actually the driver, or at least an interaction between MM and the driver?

Any ideas?

Hi @TOB, welcome to this forum!

Can you ask Raptor? They push their code into our repository, and we build it, but really have no idea about these technicalities. They are the only ones who can fix this for you.