Micromanager Driver for Olympus CBM Controller


I have an Olympus IX73 microscope with motorized fluorescence cassette turret being controlled by a Olympus CBM controller. I would like to be able to operate this device in Micromanager. It appears that the Olympus driver for the IX81 and IX83 CBH controller communicates with the CBM controller (remote LED turns on) but it will not recognize any device that is connected to it. Has any run into this problem and possibly come up with a solution?

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Yes you need a null modem cable if attempting to communicate over a USB - serial link.
Or a null modem converter.

Hi Austin,

Thank you for the reply. Let’s chat


Hi Ray, Austin,

I’ve had the same issue trying to control the CBM IX73 turrets as well. Have you been able to make any progress with using the IX81 adapter?


Hi Misha,

Thank you for your message. Although we discussed the matter. I don’t think there definitive solution that wouldn’t require financial investments into programming that we can’t guarantee to will result in a stable solution. Please do let us know if you were able to find something.

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Hi Ray,

Thank you for your response. Does that mean the null-modem cable solution using the IX81 adapter did not work as well? In terms of investing into programming the adapter, my lab is willing to fund a programmer to do just that. If you know anyone with this background, please let them contact me as I would be happy to set this up.


Hi Nisha,

We tried using null modem cable and Communicating directly with the CBM using the IX81 software. Unfortunately, the software connects to the controller but does not recognize the devices connected to it. If you are interested in pursuing this further, I’d recommend talking to Advanced Research Consulting to see if they can come up with a solution.


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