MicroManager and KPZ101 settings

Hello everyone.
My name is Kodai Hashimoto, a college student at Kogakuin University in Japan.
I’d like to ask you that is there anyone who are using K-Cube™ Piezo Controller (KPZ101, Thorlabs)?
Indeed, I cannot complete Hardware Configuration Wizard for the piezo controller.
In detail, I’d like to control a piezo actuated single-axis stage (NF15AP25/M, Thorlabs) by using the piezo controller KPZ101 with 64-bit Micro-Manager2.0.0 in a 64-bit Windows PC.
Since the piezo controller is a kind of APT system controller according to following link,
I’m trying to complete Hardware Configuration Wizard for it with a following instruction.
Concretely, I got the 64-bit APT.dll file from there (File:APT x64.zip) and placed it in the main Micromanager folder, however, I cannot complete Hardware Configuration Wizard.
At the moment I can make a serial port connection with the KPZ101 like this.

However, there is no “ThorlabsAPTStage” in available devices in Hardware Configration Wizard.

If you know how to complete it, please tell me.
Thank you so much for your kind help in advance.