Microglia Sholl Analysis Paraffin-embedded tissue

I am trying to use the Sholl analysis tool as part of the Fiji version of Image J to quantify the complexity of microglial process arbor. The tissues are paraffin-embedded, not frozen like I have seen frequently in various protocols. Has anyone successfully done Sholl analysis on paraffin embedded tissue?

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If fluorescent staining, the type of sectioning is less relevant. More important than that is what type of imagery will you be using. Can you post here a representative example?

NB: Almost missed your post due to your recurrent “Scholl” typo. I took the liberty of correcting it so that it can be listed properly in the topics list

Thank you for your response and for changing my spelling. I cannot post a representative image, but this is not fluorescent staining rather immunohistochemistry using 3,3′-Diaminobenzidine (DAB) to develop the brown color needed to visualize staining. Have you seen Sholl’s analysis done on tissues stained with DAB?