Micro-manager with old Hamamatsu Camera Controller

I’m trying to get rid of an old CRT monitor by connecting my camera directly to a computer and displaying the image on a high-contrast LCD monitor. But, I can’t manage to find the camera device in windows.

The camera is a hamamatsu C2400, with a hamamatsu c2400 controller and a BNC output to the CRT monitor. I tried converting the BNC output to HDMI, VGA, HDMI->USB, but I can’t find the device with micromanager or DCAM-API, on a windows 10 desktop. Do I have to connect the camera in the serial port of the computer?

I could connect the camera directly to an LCD monitor, but the image is stretched (larger screen and widescreen aspect ratio).

I appreciate any advice on how to get started, thanks!

You need a framegrabber (device that takes the BNC input and translates it into a video signal the computer can understand, nowadays will often have a USB connector) and software that can work with it. There used to be one frame-grabber that works with Micro-Manager, but any software will do if you just need to look at the display.

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Great, thanks. I’ll order a frame-grabber and see how it goes.

Edit: Works perfectly out of the box, guess I was overcomplicating things. Thanks @nicost!