Micro Manager with Hamamatsu ORCA-ER?

I have an old Hamamastu ORCA-ER, connected to a very old Mac via a firewire cable. I was wondering if I can use Micro Manager with this camera, and what I would need to do to implement this on a PC. I haven’t seen a firewire port for a long time on a PC and do not know if this particular camera would be supported.
Thank you for your help

You should check the DCAM API http://www.dcamapi.com/ and see if this camera (and firewire card) is still supported. If it is, and if installation of the DCAM API succeeds, then configure Micro-Manager as usual. If it is not, then you could search for an older version of the DCAM API that supports the camera (and will likely need an older Micro-Manager version as well).

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Thank you for your advice. I found that there is an archived version of the DCAM API that I could use. It states that my camera is used with a AS-PHX-D36-PE1 frame grabber card. I assume this is what I have inside the box that connects (and powers) the camera. Then to communicate with a PC, all I would need to do is to install a firewire card in the PC, install the DCAM API, then Micro-Manager?

That does not sound right. The card you list is a frame grabber card that sits inside your computer. There may have been two versions of your camera, one with firewire, the other with the frame grabber card. You will need a firewire card compatible with dcam (in principle any card should do, in practice many do not work). In any case, first make sure that you get your camera to work with the dcamp api (it comes with some simple tools to check your camera), then install a compatible MM version (which is a bit hard to predict, start with a recent one, and if that does not work go back in time).

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Hi ImagerT,

For reference, we’ve used ORCA-ER firewire box cameras with Micro-manager on Windows successfully in the past, but have not had any joy trying to get framegrabber-based ones to behave


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