Micro-Manager Thorlabs Elliptec Slider Driver Usage

I am trying to use Micro-Manager for image acquisition for a micro-combustion device. I have a challenge using the Thorlabs Elliptec Slider driver, specifically for ELL6 as a shutter. I was able to select the right channel and port after verifying using the Elliptec software. I can also the device in the device property browser but I can’t select the slider on the GUI.

The ELL6 is implemented as a state device and not as a shutter, which is probably why you can’t select it in the shutter list of the GUI. It would not be much work to implement it as a shutter device.

I guess it would makes sense since it has only two positions… Let me make the change and make a pull request in the next days!

Thanks for your prompt response. Looking forward to your pull request.