Micro-manager support for SMC2009 controller with Marzhauser motorized stage

I have a Zeiss AxioObserver Z1 with a Marzhauser motorized stage and a Zeiss SMC2009 controller. Is this supported by Micro-Manager? I see that the device list mentions Marzhauser stages, but it seems that only support for Marzhauser controllers is provided? Thank you

Is the SMC20009 controller connected to the Z1 someway? If so, it is quite possible that it will work by connecting your computer with the appropriate serial DB9 cable to your computer, and using the ZeissCAN29 device adapter. Otherwise, how is the SCM2009 controller connected to your computer?

Thank you so much, Nico. I added the ZeissCAN29 to the device list and got the stage working. The stage is connected via CAN to the Z1, with no direct connection between the SCM2009 and the computer.

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