Micro-Manager source code repo

@nicost or anyone else, is it still possible to access what used to be the Micro-Manager SVN timeline and/or the web interface to view SVN checkins/blame/etc? Those features I found really handy but maybe it went away with the new server and it’s mostly for historical purposes now.

This used to be the link: https://valelab.ucsf.edu/trac/micromanager/timeline

Hi @jondaniels, I could try to restore trac. I decided not too to reduce the number of services running on that machine (and to reduce the work involved), and see if anyone would notice, which you did! I can see if I can get it up and running again without spending too much time on it.

It turns out that trac has been removed from the linux distribution that we are running on the server, which makes it harder to set it up again. I hope your are OK without it, otherwise I’ll put more effort into restoring it.

It’s nice to have but not the end of the world. I defer to others’ opinions; if it’s just me that used it then no point in working on this.

When I was really active developing for micromanager, I did make use of trac. Useful for when core features changed, or linux modifications were added by other people, or following Jon’s work. :laughing:

I can do without. Sorry Jon. :wink:

Forgot to mention that the svn repo is now mirrored (i.e. every svn commit will be automatically copied there) in the svn-mirror branch on github. You can get something similar to the trac timeline with this link:

Commits for the main branch are at:

It also looks like the day is near that we will uncouple the two and will work with all code on github. I can keep the 1.4 build going for a while, but it will quickly become cumbersome to keep everything in sync.

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