Micro manager not showing histograms

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I have run into an issue with micromanager build 2.0.0 gamma1 20190806, MMcore version 9.0.0, Device API version 69, Module API version 10. We are running this version because it is the latest version that works with our hardware configuration. The micromanager main window does not show a histogram and i can not seem to make it show one. Image acquisition runs without issues. The inspector window does not show any information.

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Wout Claassen

Hi @WoutClaassen, welcome to this forum!

There likely was some bug in that version that surely was fixed since. So, it would be more useful to focus on why newer versions do not work with your hardware configuration. What is the problem there?

Thanks for your reply, when i use a newer version of micromanager with the same configuration file it throws the following error;

You were right that it was a problem with the version we are using, if i run the demo configuration file with the new version the inspector window works fine.

Where did you get the XLightV3 adapter originally? There is an XLight, but not an XLightV3 adapter in the micro-manager source code repository and binary distributions.

If this version was written by CREST or another company, you can ask them to submit the source code to the MM source code repository so that it can be included in the binary distributions. If it was written in house, you can do this yourself.

You could also try to copy mmgr_dal_XLightV3.dll from the “old” MM folder to the new one. However, most likely it will then complain about a version mismatch (both the Core and the DeviceAdapters have a version number that has to match exactly to prevent runtime crashes due to missing in incompatible code on either side).

Hi Nico, thank you so much for your help. Our version was written by CREST indeed. We asked them to update the driver.



It would be great if they could add their code to the Micro-Manager repository so that this probably will not re-occur in the future.

I will ask them to do this!

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