Micro-Manager Multi-D Acquisition always acquiring channels before slices

Hi, In Multi-D Acq. I am trying to acquire images in the order channel-zStack (that is, (C1Z1), (C1Z2), …). Therefore in the Multi-D Acquisition window under Acquisition Order I select “Channel, Slice”.
However, when I do this, the images are still acquired in the order zStack-channel (that is, (Z1C1), (Z1C2), …). This happens whether I select “Channel, Slice”, or “Slice, Channel” as the Acquisition Order. In other words, it seems to be ignoring the Acquisition Order setting.
What am I doing wrong? I am using Micro-Manager 2.0.0 gamma Aug. 27, 2020 version on Windows 10.
Thank you.
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Hi John,

Thanks for bringing this up. It was just reported in private email as well, and appears to be a bug introduced a few months ago. I will look into it soon.

Found the bug and fixed it in the code. Was introduced on July 17th (by me;) so earlier builds should be OK. I started a new nightly build that should be ready in 30 minutes, so builds of August 28 and later should have the fix.

Hi Nico,

Thank you so much! I installed the Aug. 28 version and as you said it acquires “Channel, Slice” correctly. This is amazing support!



Nico rocks :slight_smile:

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