Micro-manager lower contrast adjust issue

HELP! I am using micromanager 1.4.19 and using a XIMEA camera. I would like to manually set the uper and lower gain so that each pictures light intensity can be correlated (i.e. no auto contrast or exposure). I can move the upper limit (past which a pixel is pure black) just fine. But I can not move the lower!!! literally it just stays right there… wont slide… wont budge. When I hit “auto” it automatically changes the upper to 21 (i understand that doesnt mean anything) and the lower to 7… and the image looks great. But then if I touch the lower slide bar (one click) it bounces back to 0 (or sometimes -1).

I tried updating to 1.4.22 but I cant get it to communicate with the camera.

I was at the point where I was trying to code the config file to initialize with preset upper and lower bounds… but I ma hoping someone can help me!

@Chris @marktsuchida Any ideas?

Hi all,

My primary recommendation would be to try asking on the µManager mailing list: https://micro-manager.org/wiki/Micro-Manager_Community . It’s possible that someone on that list can help you. Unfortunately, the µManager dev team (that’s me and Mark) can’t answer support questions for people that aren’t subscribed to our support services.

Good luck!

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