Micro-manager: Intermittent 'Failed to load hardware configuration' error

I have an intermittent problem in Micro-Manager loading my hardware configuration. I am using Micro-Manager to control a firewire camera via the QCam device adapter and two Arduinos, one to control my LED light source via the Arduino-Hub device adapter and one to control the stage via the RAMPSHub device adapter. All the devices work fine.
However, every now and then I get an error message that either the camera or one of the Arduinos is not available during the hardware configuration loading process. This error appears to be getting more frequent and it appears to mainly affect the Arduino connected to COM5 that uses the Arduino-Hub adapter to control the light source. Below is a screen shot of the error message:

Looking at the core log file (CoreLog20210420T173857_pid12028.txt (15.8 KB) ) when this happens appears to show that Micro-Manager communicated with the Arduino on COM5, but encountered a timeout error when trying to initialise the Arduino-Hub.
Any idea why this occurs and how this could be fixed apart from trying to restart the computer and hoping for the best, which does work at times, but can take multiple attempts?

The operating system on the PC is Windows 10 and I am using Micro-Manager 2. I also tried downloading the latest nightly build to run the same configuration file, but encountered the same issues. Here is a copy of the configuration file:
MMConfig_19-3-2019_QCam_Arduino_RAMPS.txt (6.2 KB)

Has anybody encountered similar issues or has any suggestions how to solve this?

Maybe that com port is somehow in use or otherwise not communicating when you start Micro-Manager. Do you have USB selective suspend disabled?

Maybe try a different com port/USB hub?


Could you create another corelog, but now in Debug mode (Tools > Options)? Even better, you can use Help > Report a Problem to generate a log that contains all relevant information.

The standard Arduino firmware needs a bit of time after activation of the serial port to become responsive to commands. This is because initially it waits to see if the computer wants to send down new firmware. There are ways of flashing the device so that is no longer needed. The Micro-Manager device adapter code waits for two seconds, then sends a binary 30, and waits for an answer that starts with “MMVer” (I am a bit confused why your log shows nothing of this communication since you have the “verbose” flag on for the serial ports). Clearly, the PC is not getting that answer suggesting that either there is something funky with the serial port connection itself (as Sam suggests), or the firmware needs more than 2 seconds to respond (less likely since this seems to work for most others).

Thanks Sam and Nico,
I will try your suggestions as soon as possible and report back.

We have followed Sam’s suggestion and changed the settings in the Power Settings. So far it appears to have resolved the issues and Micro-Manager has loaded the hardware configuration without the intermittent errors. :smiley:
Nico, are you still interested in another corelog as the previous one appeared to be missing some information?

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Great to hear! No need for more Corelogs :upside_down_face: