Micro-Manager hangs on loading Olympus IX83

Seemingly randomly, mm2.0g now hangs when trying to initialize our Olympus IX83, either from our existing and stable config or when adding the hub device to a new config. I wasn’t able to save the problem report (the GUI hangs completely and indefinitely) but here is the corelog during the initialization. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to debug this?

CoreLog20210209T123709_pid9884.txt (128.8 KB)

Edit: I was able to recover the problem report. Here it is:
Problem Report.txt (126.8 KB)

Poking around, I tried running the OlympusIX3Control executable and get this output. The controls on the touchpanel go gray (same thing happens when micro-manager hangs while loading the device) and nothing progresses.

We are experiencing the same problem and also on the unload of IX83 from the core API.

I’ve started having the exact same issue. Could this be an issue that happened due to some recent Windows update? I noticed that the day that micromanager stopped reading the script was the same day that a Windows update happened. I’m trying to see if perhaps previous versions of micromanager bypass this issue.

Previous versions will not help. Olympus has a fix. Please ask them for help (and ask them to make their fix more easily available for many of their affected customers).