Micro-Manager device adapter workflow changed

This is to announce a change in the way the Micro-Manager project handles the source code for device adapters.

Previously, the ultimate source of the code of device adapters lived in the subversion repository at UCSF (https://valelab4.ucsf.edu/svn/micromanager2/trunk). Some developers were given permission to directly push their code changes to that repository, and changes there would be used in both the 1.4 and 2.0 builds (the latter after some manual transfer of changes).

From now on, 1.4 (which is in maintenance mode only, no new features will be added and no bugs will be fixed unless someone volunteers their time to do so) will still build from the subversion repository. For 2.0 the source code of DeviceAdapters (and MMCore) is on github at: GitHub - micro-manager/mmCoreAndDevices: The c++ code at the core of the Micro-Manager project.. To make changes to device adapters, please clone this repository and create a Pull Request.

Please note that the Device Adapter version numbers between 1.4 and 2.0 are no longer guaranteed to be identical (and likely will diverge in the near future).

The situation with device adapters that can not be made public (“SecretDeviceAdapters”) is a bit more complicated. For the time being, please contact me directly if you want to make changes to that code.

The Micro-Manager source code on github now uses submodules to combine the Java and C++ code. Please see GitHub - micro-manager/micro-manager: Microscope control and image acquisition integrated with ImageJ. for instructions.

I’ll be happy to provide more explanation if so desired.