Micro-Manager convert Serial To USB

Hi all,

I would like to use Micro-manager 2 to control a photometric camera, a shutter

(Vincent Associates UNIBLITZ Model VMMM-D1) and a piezo control by PI (E-662 LVPZT-Amplifier / SERVO).

The shutter and the piezo are connected to a box from Mesurement Computing plugs into a USB port.

I found specific plugins for the three gadgets but not for Mesurement Computing box.

Is there a tool that will allow transforming serial ports into USB ports and that will allow my shutter and my piezo to communicate?
Tank you very much in advance.
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You need a “Device Adapter” for your Measurement Computing device. In a way, it is irrelevant how that box is connected to your computer, if you do not have a software component (the Device Adapter) that knows how to talk to it. There actually is a Device Adapter for Measurement Computing devices, the MCCDAQ adapter (MCCDAQ - Micro-Manager). Does your device work with the MCCDAQ (Data Acquisition Software/Driver Downloads) software? If so, there is a chance that the device adapter will work for you (even though it is quite old). If you get that to run, you will need devices from the “Utilities” adapter to translate the TTL and analog outputs from the MCCDAQ into a logical shutter and stage.

Hi Nico,
I tried some of your suggestions. I have installed the DAQami software and launched it. As you can see on the attached picture, my device is recognized as “USB-3103” and it’s functional when I press the toggle on/off the shutter open or close.
In attached pictures, I send you the µManager configuration I used. But unfortunately, I was unable to get the communication between µManager and the shutter.
Thank you again for your help.
Best regards,
microManager configuration .pdf (121.0 KB) Michel

Can you send your configuration file as a text file? The pdf shows that you try to communicate to the Vincent shutter through a serial port. However, you described initially that you have the Uniblitz shutter attached to the Measurement Computer box. So, you should not add the Vincent shutter to your configuration at all. You should first figure out how to set the output of the MCCDAQ through Micro-Manager (I do not know what properties it exposes). Once you know how that works, you can use one of the Utilities devices (DAShutter or State-Device-Shutter) to turn it into a shutter for Micro-Manager.

Here, in attached file the configuration file you asked. I removed Vincent Shutter and I tried to configure MCC-DAC, when I click on MCC DAC 0: MCC DAQ DA 0, I got a window and I can modify: MAXv and Minv if I click MCC DAC 0: MCC DAQ DA 0 Shutter 0, I got an Error message (see attached file).MCC-DAC microManager.pdf (207.6 KB) MCC-DAC microManager.pdf (207.6 KB) Micro-Manager-2camcfg.txt (1.2 KB)

Looks like you found the main problem: Initializing the shutter device (that you need to control your Vincent shutter) does not work. The device adapter code for MCCDAQ (DeviceAdapters/MCCDAQ/MCCDAQ.cpp) has the following interesting sequence:

int MCCDaqShutter::Initialize()
   int ret = InitializeTheBoard();
   if (ret != DEVICE_OK)
      return ret;

   // Define ports for this shutter
   // #TODO Load port from parameter
   // ports_.push_back(FIRSTPORTA);

   // initialize the digital ports as output ports
   // #TODO Only initialize the needed ports
   for(unsigned int i=0; i < ports_.size(); i++)
      int ret = cbDConfigPort(board.board_num, ports_[i], DIGITALOUT);
      if (ret != NOERRORS)
            return ret;

I have the feeling that PORTA did not work form someone, who changed it to PORTB, that seems to work for some, but not for everybody. The real solution would be for someone with access to the hardware and documentation to figure out how to get the correct port there (or possibly, cycle through all ports and do not give up when there is an error). I’ll upload a compiled version with PORTA instead of PORTB. You can test this by copying into your Micro-Manager directory (overwriting the existing version), and re-running the HCW (not that MM needs to be relatively recent). DIscource does not allow uploading dlls, so find it at: https://valelab.ucsf.edu/~nico/images/mmgr_dal_MCCDAQ.dll. However, looking at the MCCDAW header file, it appears that there are about 30 possible ports, so I am unsure what to do without studying the documentation carefully.