Micro-Manager configuration when camera error encountered

Dear Micro-Manager developers,

we are using MM on a Windows 7 machine to control a custom fluorescence microscope system including an EM-CCD camera, micro-/nanostages, lasers, shutters, flip mirrors etc.

Sometimes, when starting MM and loading the configuration file, there is a connection problem with the camera:

If this error occurs, the camera needs to be disabled and enabled again in the Windows device manager. Afterwards, the program usually starts without a problem.

Now, the camera has been sent in to the manufacturer for some repairs and without it being connected to the PC, MM won’t load the device configuration properly, i.e. most devices (despite being connected and powered) are not loaded. This is a problem, as we need to work on other components of the system while the camera is being repaired.

Is there a way to override this behaviour during startup and have MM load all connected devices, even when some are missing?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Make a copy of the configuration file. Open it in a text editor (such as Notepad), and comment out (put a “#” at the beginning of the line) every line that mentions your camera. Load this copy and hope for the best.

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that solved the problem, thanks a lot!!