Micro-manager 2

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II like to generate a new device adapter (C++) DLL for nightly build of micro-manager 2 (gamma)
Problem: Microsoft VS2017 is unable to use suggested SDK 7.1
What combination of SDK and VS is recommended to generate actual mm_dal_project.dll ?
Is any updated MMDevice-SharedRuntime available ?

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Hi @Falki!, nice to see you here!

That is indeed a big problem, and I hope that others will chime in on how they deal with it. I actually installed Visual Studio 2010 on my Windows 10 laptop (that runs an up to date Windows 10 Pro, with UCSF security software installed;(). It was the smoothest install so far, more or less following these instructions (https://micro-manager.org/wiki/Building_MM_on_Windows#Microsoft_Visual_Studio_2010_SP1_Express). There is a ticket open on github (https://github.com/micro-manager/micro-manager/issues/920), which contains the comments from someone who found a work-around. Upvoting that ticket may also be good.


You should be able to use any VS and SDK to compile device adapters. I’ve done so several times now. I created a new VS dll project that links to MMDevice-SharedRuntime and updated the environment variables to use my own boost distribution (and not the one that comes with the 3rdpartypublic). I use a separate boost because there’s some recent bug fixes in one of the libraries I wanted to use.

I also edited the micro-manager shared runtime project file and set the following tag on the project files:


This targets the project to the SDK I currently have installed.

Hope this helps.

I was able to compile new device adapters with Visual Studio Express 2017 by following instructions posted on MM forum for VS 2015 (http://micro-manager.3463995.n2.nabble.com/Building-Device-Adapters-on-Windows-10-with-Visual-Studio-2015-Community-td7587098.html) combined with the ‘Microsoft Visual Studio 2017’ note from another source (https://github.com/kmdouglass/mm-kmd/blob/7ecb3210e2474de91909ba3a41bbb99559eccb2d/Notes/micro-manager_windows_build.md).

In summary, I am using VS Express 2017 with Windows 8.1 SDK and v141 platform toolset.