Micro-Magellan: is there a way to add a delay between moving the stage and image capture in Explore mode?

I’ve been using Micro-Magellan which has worked great for our application. However, quickly moving the stage (e.g., between steps in Explore mode) causes some vibration for perhaps 10-100 ms, resulting in blurry images when they are captured immediately after each step. We’re working to reduce this vibration, but in the meantime, is there a way to change the timing between stage movement and image capture?


The “Micro-Manager way” of doing this, is the stage reporting it is “busy” for an extra 100ms after finishing its step. The calling code (in this case, Micro-Magellan) will wait until the stage is no longer busy. Some stage adapters allow you set an extra delay that could help you. Some have many, many parameters that you can tune, and that will influence this. I spend quite a bit of time with our ASI stage a year or two ago, exactly to address this issue (all just using stage device properties). If you happen to have an ASI stage, I can look up what settings we ended up using and report here.

Alternatively, the “Hacky” way of doing this would be to launch your Magellan acquisitions through pycro-manager (Specifying data to acquire — pycro-manager documentation), and then implement a post hardware hook function (Acquisition hooks — pycro-manager documentation) that just delays for 10-100 ms