Micro-Magellan crashes upon selecting second field of view to acquire

Not much to go off here, so please let me know if there’s any other useful diagnostic info I can provide (link to error). I’m using Micro-Magellan with a Scientifica xy and z stage and a PCO camera. In Explore mode I’m able to select a first field of view and double click to capture with no problems. But when I double-click a second field of view Micro-Manager instantly crashes. Earlier today this crash was happening after selecting a few fields of view (5-10), and now it’s reliably happening after just one. I’m able to move the stage using the manual stage control buttons OK, which makes me think it’s unlikely to be a driver issue. Pixel calibration seems to work OK, and I assume this talks to the stage drivers similarly to Micro-Magellan. Any suggestions?

Looks like an error in your XY stage device adapter. You could verify this by using the Demo configuration and seeing if you still see the crash (I strongly suspect you won’t)

Its possible mixing the use of manual stage buttons and software control could be part of the issue