Micrco-manager hardware configuration crash with Nikon Ti2


I am trying to control a Nikon eclipse Ti2 microscope via micromanager- I have installed the suggested Nikon Ti2 control application and followed the instructions but when I try to add the Nikon Ti2 devices via micro-manager hardware configuration wizard the micromanager crashes. Does anyone have any suggestions? The version of micro manager I have is 2.0 gamma.



The TI2 device adapter currently requires that a specific older version of the TI2 SDK DLL file be copied to the Micro-Manager installation folder. Please check this for more information: NikonTi2 - Micro-Manager

Hopefully this will be updated in the future, but for now just stick with the version recommended online.


Thanks for the quick reply! I have downloaded the version recommended (Ver. and copied this file to the Micro-Manager installation folder yet micro-manager still crashes whenever any Ti2 devices are installed. I may just try uninstalling and redownloading just in case :’) but any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

I uninstalled everything to do with the Nikon Ti2 and deleted it from micromanager and then reinstalled it and it seemed to work so thank you!! :smiley: