MIB system variables

Hello Ilya,

during the process of installing CUDA based denoising software I had to mess with some system variables (win10). I am afraid this seemed to have affected MIB, as I am not able to start the programm at all. It immediately closes the log-window :frowning:
All other programs seem untouched by it. I also already tried to reinstall.

Is there a chance you have an idea, which system variable MIB uses or if there is any other workaround?



Hi Leo,
hmm, in my understanding the system variables should not affect the starting of MIB.
Is there any chance that you may spot what is says in the command prompt upon startup?
The best starting point however to delete file with preferences, it is typically located under your user directory as C:\Users\USERNAME\Matlab\mib.mat
Hope this may sort the issue.

Hi Ilya,

I restored an older recovery save of windows and it thankfully works again. Might aswell have been something different than system variables…

Anyhow, thanks for the quick reply and the continuous updates.

PS: Did the latest build change the MIB Icon? If so, personally I preferred the oldschool one.




Did the latest build change the MIB Icon?

I do not think so :wink: