Metadata file error


I would like to extract metadata from my files named : A549_C0_A1_c1m01_org.tif
I have a message error when I update my data set : “Names and types : matching by order error”

I try to change the regular expression editor but CP don’t recognize the files.
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I think you need to look into the “Names and Types” tab, just after Extract Metadata. It sounds like it attempts to order based on something it cannot.

I change the “Names and types” tab but I can’t choose for the first choice : “Metadata - does - have a channel matching …”. I can only choose "Metadata does contain "

Maybe CP don’t recognize well my metadata or the type of metadata ? But, in the regular expression editor, the test text match perfectly with the regex …

This is my pipeline if you want to take a look and tell me what’s wrong with the metadata extraction …

Pipeline_A549_V3.cppipe (54.4 KB)

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The metadata extraction looks fine.
It seems like the first rule (also shown in the screenshot you uploaded) is empty. Perhaps this is the problem?
But this first entry does somehow seem weird, eg. I cannot set it to “Metadata does have Channel matching”, when loading in your pipeline.
Perhaps you could try building your pipeline again.

Hi Jessica,
I have attached a new CP pipeline. Try using it to build your own one. Something weird had happened with your old one.


[pipeline.cppipe (6.1 KB)

Hi Habbasi,

Many thanks for your help ! I made a new pipeline last week, because there was something with metadata extraction with the latest pipeline.
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