Metadata extraction problem


I have a problem with metadata extraction.
This is the name of my 2 files :

  • 1206_TR1_m1_c1.tif ( i have 3 more files named with c2, c3 and c4)
  • 1206_TR1_m2_c1.tif ( i have 3 more files named with c2, c3 and c4)

I used this regular expression :


For the first file is ok, CP recognizes very well the name file but not for the second one …

I joined a screenshot, if anyone has any idea, it will be very helpfull ! :slight_smile:

Many thanks,



Hi Jessica,
The problem comes from your “(?P<TileNumber>[0-100])”
it’s not a “range” that should be here, but the kinds of characters.
One working solution would be “(?P<TileNumber>[0-9].*)”
Good luck,

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Hi Fabien,

Many thanks ! It works ! :slight_smile:

I don’t understand between : “(?P[0-100])” and “(?P[0-9].*)”…

Thank you !


P[0-100] would mean you’re expecting only a 0 or a 1 digit
P[0-9].*)_ means you’re expecting digits between 0 and 9, and as many until you encounter the _

Perfect ! It’s very clear :slight_smile:

Thanks !