Metadata data type conversion


I’m trying to load a substack from a CZI stack by filtering a range of Z values on the NamesAndTypes page. Unfortunately, CellProfiler won’t let me set a range because the Z values are loaded as text. So I tried changing the metadata data type for the Z values from “text” to “integer”. However, whenever I select “integer” from the dropdown box on the Metadata page, the setting immediately reverts to “text”. Why is that? Is there any other way to select a substack without entering a text condition for every single plane?


That’s definitely a bug; I’ve reported it here ( … ssues/1181) and will report back when it’s fixed.

Unfortunately, no. I’ve added it as a feature request here: … ssues/1182



I have been having the same issue where I cannot change my metadata type from text to integers. I was wondering when the bug would be fixed, or if it has already been fixed in a recent update.

Thank you

The good news is that we have fixed it already but the bad news is that you will have to install a new “trunk build” version to get this to work until our next release (which won’t be anytime soon I suspect):
Please read the caveats on that page.