Metadata columns are not added in object files



I’m trying to add metadata modules in my objects files. I have selected option for it in Export to spreadsheet but still I don’t see it in any of the files. I’m attaching my pipeline please have a look.
Thank you.KS.cpproj (2.3 MB)



Could you add an example image or two to run the pipeline on please?


I have nd2 format images and when I tried uploading it here it is not accepting it.



Perhaps you could try and zip them in a folder and then upload or alternatively upload them to GoogleDrive/Dropbox etc and post a link here?


I’m sorry Laura for not following it up. But while reading some other related posts on the forum I find that If I give metadata with more that 15 characters then it does write metadata and that is exactly what had been happening with me. If ame thing is given in less than 16 chracters (?P.{15}) in regular expression thaen it writes.
Thank you