Metadata and Regular expression question

Hi all,
I have a pipeline from another lab but I need to adjust it to make it work for a new project.
But the problem is that the metadata regular expression dose not work.
Could anyone tell me how to make the regular expression for the following image filenames.


Hello and welcome!
If you upload the current pipeline it would help us to see what the output of the metadata module is supposed to be. That could help someone solve your problem!

Here is the pipelineRECA_20191201.cpproj (1.7 MB)

Hi @Xiangyu_Liu,

Try the following:

^(?P<Plate>[0-9]{2})Plate_(?P<Drug>.*)_(?P<PostIRTime>[0-9]{2})Day_(?P<Replicate>[0-9]{2})-Image Export.*.tif

Regex is case-sensitive, your ‘Day’ label needed to be capitalised.

It works! Thank you!

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