Meta Data Extraction Problem from Filename



Dear community,
I have a problem with metadata extraction from filenames. This problem occurs on a Windows 10 PC as well as on a Mac running CP 3.0. It only affects a subset of my image data, but there is no obvious difference between these images and others that work.
I setup the extraction of metadata by regular expression and both the preview and test work fine (image 1).
Then I include the metadata in the export settings (image 2). But for some images I get always NAN for my metadata, although they are correctly displayed in the preview setting (image 3). For other images this works fine (image 4). I also tried HD5 export, but got the same results. Can you give me any advice how to identify the problem.


Hi Alex,

Can you upload the pipeline along with a set that works well and a set that doesn’t so that we can try to reproduce?