Mergeoutputfiles does not work?


I have tried using the mergeoutputfiles to glue together results calculated on our cluster. I cannot create an merged file, when I browse to an existing outputfile and tell the software to use that, it still does not appear in the box. When I choose outputfiles to merge, they do not appear in the lower box.
I wish to export results to a database. The screen will be calculated on our cluster and the export to database does not work there, so I wish to do that afterwards. Given that the screen will generate hundreds of outputfiles, I need to merge them first, or do you have a better suggestion?
Thank you,


I am having difficulty with this as well. I am using CP 2.0 on a Mac. When I select a destination file it does not appear in the window. Similarly, nothing happens when I “add” files to merge. Is anyone else having similar issues or have a solution?