Merge of czi file or making spheroid image

Hi specialist of image analysis!!!

I’m researcher of cancer spheroid and stem cell organoid

I have a little question So please help me,

I took a picture of spheroid image by using ZEISS confocal microsope (LSM 800)

But I didn’t perform tissue clearing so I acquired hemisphere image

So I took a picture once again but opposite side and then I tried to merge two image

But I don’t know how to do that,

What should I do,?


have a look at the Multiview Reconstruction Application:
It was designed to handle multiview SPIM data but fundamentally all multiview data can work.

You just need to define the dataset properly in the beginning since I guess you will not have the metadata to do that automatically:

Multiview Registration can then be performed on interestpoints generated from the sample.

There are some videos on the wiki explaining the details of the software. There is also this Jove video explaining in its second part the processing:


Thank you very much for your kindness.
Seungkwon from SouthKorea

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