Memory leak with PIXIS1024 camera and PICAM adapter


We use a PIXIS 1024b for a while in micro-manager with the PICAM adapter and we have noticed a “memory leak” issue which seems to be linked to the device adapter.

When we use the “live” view, the memory behavior seems correct, but when we do repeated snap or repeated multi-dimensional acquisitions (and also when using the slide-explorer plugin) the ram of the computer increase until its full and computer freeze.

Do you have any guess how to fix this issue (and how we could dig deeper to find the part of the code that creates this memory leak) ?


Hi Hugo,

To be sure that the issue is in the device adapter (and I agree with your assessment), try the same with the democamera (set to 1k x 1k and 2 bytes per pixel). If you do not see the same memory issue there, the PICAM device adapter is the next thing to look at.

The source code for that adapter is here: The code was written by Toshio Suzuki (whom if I remember correctly is not associated with Princeton Instruments). There are instructions on the micro-manager website how to set up a build environment(that may be the time-consuming step).

This bug is now solved, rapidly checked on NightlyBuilds of the 20201124 (MM2 et 1.4) thanks to the fix provided by the commit:

Thanks a lot for this fix! :+1:


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