Memory Issues for microCT data

I am importing microCT surface data into Fiji using 3D viewer. I want to export the data as .u3d; however, the file has large memory. This leads to slow interaction, Is there any way to compress the memory while preserving detail?

UPDATE: Using AMIRA, I was able to reduce the memory of the surface file by remeshing the surface, decreasing the number of faces/triangles. However, when viewing the surface in Fiji 3D viewer, an exception error popped up and I got this error below. I am not sure what it means, I am only running into this error with remeshed (.surf) 3D surfaces.

(Fiji Is Just) ImageJ 2.0.0-rc-59/1.51k; Java 1.8.0_66 [64-bit]; Mac OS X 10.11.6; 74MB of 96MB (76%)