Membrane-based cell segmentation in IHC (review articles, popular implementations, etc)

Hello all,

I’m relatively new to digital microscopy and have been struggling to find information on membrane-based cell segmentation algorithms despite several week’s worth of Google/PubMed searches, browsing ImageJ and QuPath documentation, and searching this forum.

Of note, I’m specifically looking within the context of IHC, where I’d like to use information from a DAB+ membrane marker (either on its own or in tandem with the nuclear information from the H-channel) to infer cytoplasmic membrane contours and thus segment whole cells. (For my specific aims, I have the luxury of only being interested in the DAB+ cells.)

However, I’m having trouble finding info on the topic in general (not just with IHC, but also IF). Are there any review articles or discussions that someone might be able to link me to as a starting point? Are there popular implementations of this approach within any of the major open source platforms–either in IHC or IF? (So far I’ve been working in ImageJ and QuPath).

Of note: I’ve found a couple articles in the technical literature describing algorithms for this approach within IHC, but they don’t appear to be widely adopted–hence why I wanted to ask the forum.

Thank you all very much!

CellProfiler has some good options for that in fluorescence at least, though I am not sure about brightfield. You could always turn your brightfield image into a fluorescent image, though, after color deconvolution.

In QuPath, have you tried the membrane segmentation?