Measuring the magnitude of a point from a video with ImageJ

Good afternoon guys,

I am currently a beginner in using ImageJ and I am looking for some resources about image processing with ImageJ.

Typically : I have a video of a point in a black background. Its magnitude (brightness) is changing over the time. I notice by watching the video that the brightness may evolute periodically. So I would like to determine or approximate this period. I think I may manage that by using ImageJ but I have several difficulties to solve :

  1. Do you know how could I create a stack of images from my video please ?

  2. Do you know a tutorial or any ressources that can help me to have an idea of the evolution of the brightness (or magnitude) of my point during the video thanks to ImageJ ? In other words how could I draw the graph representing the evolution of the brightness of this point during all the video ?

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Have a nice day,