Measuring the change of direction of cells in column


I have these two images with cells organized in columnar arrangement. I am trying to compare the change in the direction of the columns from before and after. I was thinking about trying to measure the distance between the centroids of each cell (object). and obtaining a plot and analyzing via excel. Is there a better way to do this? I am not sure how to plot the centroids either. please help.

before image:

after image:

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This looks quite complicated. As a human I can see that there is some movement, but I can’t tell how much because I can’t identify any cell-correspondences. If it is impossible for a human, unless it is some huge computation, it is impossible for a computer.

Maybe if you reduce the cell density and increase the temporal resolution you can apply some tracking.

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Thank you for the reply. it is definitely hard. I know I could find the centroid using Object cpounter. Is there anyway to maybe plot centroids of all the cells? I could probably try to import all the points. If it can identify atleast 1 column of cells, and their change of shape, that would work and I can manually track atleast 1 column before and after in all my images.

Is there a way to identify cells with least distance from another cell?

Is it a time lapse experiment?
maybe you can think at some PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) analysis…
an example

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I am doing some mechanical testing of the sample and observing the change of the tissue morphology before and after.