Measuring Regularity

Hi, I am wondering the best way to measure the regularity of an image. For example, I have this epithelium of cells and I want to measure the regularity/ distribution of the order of the cells. (This is my wild type so there’s no changes as of yet). I tried working on the Directionality Plugin, but it wasn’t too specific (my goodness of fit was very low) .

Then, I tried the Orientation plugin to determine the overall orientation of the cells, but I got this result, which doesn’t help at all because all the vectors are completely haphazard.
I’m looking for relative similarity between all the cells and a way to show that, either through a series of vectors or a histogram. 17%20PM

Then, I tried the OrientationJ plugin, but every time I try to use it I get this ‘exception’ and I’m not sure how to fix it.

I later found the FLEYE plugin (which measures fly ommatidia), but I couldn’t change the parameters to anything larger; so I was just using it as a way to count the individual cells.

Any help would be greatly greatly greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!


Perhaps take a step back and decide how exactly you want to define “regularity”? Would you include things like shape, size, circularity, etc.?

You can take a look at the Shape Filter plugin … it will work on a binary image - so you first need to segment your cells. Given your example image provided… there is a lot of noise and your signal (between cells? or membrane of cells?) is relatively low… perhaps you can first improve staining/acquisition stages to strengthen segmenting your cells?

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