Measuring Motion Kymograph

Hi Fiji Experts,
I am trying to measure motion of a region of (or a spot in) a cell over the course of an image stack. The method I think is most appropriate is to use a kymograph and then use the motion of the line to determine how far/fast the fluorescent region is moving. I can easily create a kymograph, but I am having trouble finding a plugin to ImageJ or Fiji that will allow me to fit a line to the particle motion. Do you have any suggestions for a plugin to check out?
I have already looked at but it seems that the user must input the points associated with the structure they would like to understand. I am trying to find something that may allow me to put in a few guess points and then fit appropriately.
Attached is sample kymograph where time is on the y-axis.
Thank you, -Kellie

Hi @kbeicker
I would try the Simple Neurite Tracer, and do as if the white lines you want to trace are neurites.
After that, export and process into MATLAB or R or …


For straight traces (constant speeds or local measurement) you can use this tool by @imagejan .

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