Measuring length over time

Hello everyone,
I have a cellular spheroid that is compressing over time. Is there an automated method to measure its length?

Hey @Kareem_Majzoub,

sure! Depending on how an image looks like, pick a segmentation algorithm (Threshold?) and fit an ellipse to the object. The major and minor axis of that ellipse may describe you object well.

If you share an image, we can give you more precise hints :wink:


Hi Robert,
The thing is the spheroid is decreasing in height over time and changing shape. instead of measuring the height in every frame maually, i was looking for an automated way. I heard someone talk about transforming the images into coordinates(not sure).

Can you share an example image? It’s very hard to give you appropriate hints without knowing how your data looks like.

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Hello Kareem_Majzoub,
I do not know exactly how you aquire your images, but if the object does not change location, only shape you may be able to subtract the last image from the first for a total change over time. If the object also moves in time it would have to be co-located prior to the subtraction.
Good luck,