Measuring Faces (Iris, Face Width...) + saving measurements on Picture?



Hi there!

I am just getting to know the software.

My goal:
Measuring a face from a good picture.

I know the male iris is 11.77 millimetres (+/- 0.42 mm) long.

I would ideally like to:

  • Measure the iris, and tell the computer that this distance = 11.77 millimetres.
    All other measurements should then be according to that.
  • All measurements I do (pointing at 2 points after another) should leave the line there and show the amount of the measurement on top of that line. This should be in another picture layer, so I don’t change the underlying picture.
    But the option of saving this whole thing with the measurements showing as an jpg eg should be there.
  • End result is a picture of a face, now with all the measurements added for easy viewing right on the picture.
    (Eg chin to lips, lower lips, upper lips, upper lip to nose…)
    (idealy the text and area that was measured would be shown not on top of the face but next to it)

Problems right now with (Fiji is Just) ImageJ:

  • I can do ‘straight line’ on eg the iris, and then I see just till I don’t move my mouse what the length of it is.
    But the program does not seem to save that in any way.
  • The lines don’t stay and it does not show the measurement result on top of the line
  • The window with the picture -> I can zoom in. I can scroll up and down.
    But: I cannot scroll sideways. Also I cannot start a measuring line, then scroll, then set the endpoint of that line.

Thanks for:

  • any comments on functions that could help me that I don’t know about
  • good search terms to find tutorials for my challenges
  • tips to perhaps what other software to use that is more fitting

Thanks for input! Mike



Welcome to the Forum and ImageJ/Fiji! To get you started …

You can save ROIs to the ROI Manager - to add the current selection, just press T on your keyboard and it’s saved to the manager… then you can Measure (you can select what measurements are calculated using Set Measurements).

The best way to get started with ImageJ is to check out some of these helpful links, especially the workshops:

I hope this helps at least get you started …

eta :slight_smile: