Measuring epithelium thickness using imageJ {HELP]



dear all,

Please let introduce myself: my name is Antonio II, and Im new in worlds measuring by software.

I was heard about ImageJ just some weeks ago while Im looking for some video tutorials on Youtube.

I was marvelled with such usabillities. But I don’t know how to start about measuring epithelium thickness.

Well, I know. Maybe its a siily question. But im just a newbie about this subject.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance


Good day Antonio,

a typical image may help to understand what you like to do.

Please post an original raw image in TIFF- or PNG-format and perhaps the same image with graphic annotations that clearly show what you like to determine or measure.





thank you for your reply.

Well, I would like to take three measures (from basal lamina to cornea) by choosing three random points.

Please, take a look at the pic:

One more question:

Is it possible to calculate the average of the three measurements using ImageJ?

Yeah, as a said, it might be silly, but I’m still a newbie.

Thanks in advance



if this is a typical image, which shows good (color-)contrast, you could either measure by hand using the line tool or by defining the x-positions and analyzing the profiles.

Please study the ImageJ user guide:

Yes, ImageJ macros can compute the mean values.

Have a look at these documents about macro coding:

Here is a contour appproach:

Finally, here is a thread dealing with a closely related question:



The provided sample image shows strong JPG-compression artifacts. Such images are unsuited for scientific analyses.
Please provide the original raw image in an uncompressed format. (The provided sample image is a PNG-version of an JPG-image.)